"We at MyIAD Solutions understand the convergence requirements of next generation solutions as the Internet World and the Physical World become one."

Angel Burgos Rosado - Founder MyIAD Corp.

Products & Services Available Globally (Hablamos Español)

We not only provide hardware and software solutions, but we also provide design, engineering, implementation, project management and turnkey solutions.




Real Time Monitoring Services

Our capabilities to provide monitoring services from our N+1 Redundant Monitoring Center anywhere in the world. Our network can grow to gigabit speeds as we have direct access to the Internet backbone from our NOC.


Service 24/7/365 with 99.99% availability

Monitoring, Surveillance, Tracking and Remote Supervision are part of the services provided from our state of the art facility. We adapt to our customers requirements.


IP Hardware

Our focus is designing fail proof networks using Internet Protocol as primary means of communications. This allows ubiquitous service provisioning at one or multiple localities.


Emergency Help

Monitoring of elderly living alone, kids via smart watches, police requiring assistance and real time vehicle tracking are a few examples of our services available as part of our global offering.

Project Management and Training

Project Management & Training are our main directives as we move forward with our mission statement. We understand the challenges of migration from legacy to the IP world and our staff is ready to accept the challenge

From use and certification of acquired hardware, assistance on local setup and assistance in the creation of protocols and procedures to accommodate and implement the solutions at your organization.

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