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GPS Solutions

Civilian, Commercial, Governmental

MyIAD SOS (Satellite Observation System) is a multifunctional GPS management system, also used for mobile and stationary assets tracking. MyIAD GPS tracking solutions are designed to work in national and international markets covering over 130+ countries. Service providers have chosen MyIAD recognizing our flexible business terms (we never put our customers into long-term contracts), yet powerful management features and 24/7 high-quality technical support. This in conjunction with our manufacturing partners compliance with all US regulations and certifications, this guarantees quality assurance and quality control in every product we sell or lease. We specialize in:

  • Fleet: Container Monitoring, Fuel Monitoring, Cold Chain Monitoring, Generator, Station
  • Human: Children, Seniors, Dementia Patients, Remote Workers, Employee Work Compliance, VIP
  • Asset: Livestock, Pets, Inventory Movement, Remote Analytics
  • Governmental: Officers, vehicles, visit to hospital or court, compliance notification

Fleet Solutions

MyIAD SOS is a multifunctional fleet management system, also used for mobile and stationary assets tracking. Enterprises improve their fleet management and arrange vehicle dispatching more efficiently with Fleet Management System, which not only efficiently guarantees the security of vehicles and valuables, but also reduces the operational costs.
Container transportation is a complicated transportation system, it transports by sea, by railway, by road; it transports at home and abroad, it also includes dry container and reefer container transportation.
Fuel consumption remote monitoring and management system: only from the acquisition device (sensor), transmission equipment, system platform with remote fuel monitoring system four independent intellectual property rights system: the fuel consumption data acquisition systems / Data Transmission Systems / Data Analysis System
Refrigerated goods are with high value and easy for something to go wrong. This needs fast transportation and stable temperature environment for storage and transportation.
Base generator operation system is the integrated management system which developed on the daily operation procedures, it includes features like generator real time status and alarm monitoring, operation procedure management, operation personnel management, daily maintenance management, major repair management, accessories management, and basic information management, etc.
In communication network, there are many base station distributed all over the land, and many of them are located in high mountains, difficult to maintenance, The traditional maintenance by on patrol in turn takes a lot manpower, financial resources, and with poor reliability and timeliness. To ensure the regular operation of networks, high requirements in power equipment and generator system is raised. These requirements include: Remote monitoring the powering equipment, communication equipment; reducing the maintenance cost, and ensuring the sound working conditions of system to increase comprehensive working efficiency.

Example of Sensors for Fleet Management

Providing GPS tracking and asset management to help save time and money by keeping track of their assets, and loved ones LIVE. Our internet-based tracking system gives you full access, full control, anywhere from any device. As the manufacturer we guarantee unmatched quality and reliability. If MyIAD SOS Live Monitoring Service is also contracted, rest assured that we will be ensuring compliance of all requested supervision and tracking of family, workers or equipment.

Human & Assets

MyIAD GPS Solutions has various alternatives to monitor children safely and securely. From badges that can include RFID features to further enhance security at all levels to various alternatives including watches, hardware attachments and other alternatives. We have solutions that can be monitored both by the parents and from our specialized monitoring center for 24/7 proactive monitoring.
Monitoring seniors is one of our main reasons of operations. We understand that some elderly people want to stay at home instead of being assigned to one. That is where we come in with alternatives that will give peace of mind to family members. Our hardware is monitored 24/7/365 from our monitoring center. Some of the capabilities are two way calling, monitoring of vital signals, fall down detection, sign of life verifier just to mention a few.
At different points during a persons life, there are conditions that demand additional attention. MyIAD SOS solutions include the monitoring and supervision of patients diagnosed with conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer to mention a few. Our solutions are designed to be proactive via hardware installed at the main quarters and equipment that cannot be easily removed so we can detect tampering before the patient decides to leave the inclusion zones designated.
Growth demands at times the establishment of construction sites or facilities that are outside of the mainstream area of operations. We have various alternatives that can be assigned to the worker whereas he can have two way communication with the center, has a panic button included and other features that can ensure communication with the appropriate personnel if required.
Tracking employees guarantees many individual advantages to the company such as: route compliance, usage of company vehicle, route visit completion, excessive stay at one locality and driving habits get recorded for the employee file. When known that monitoring is in place, production, security and efficiency are always improved in comparison with non supervision.
Some areas are more prone to hijacking & kidnapping of VIP's, family members, employees or any other person that may be a target of such criminals. We have low footprint devices that are designed to work for extended periods of time, this to improve the possibilities of recovery of the victim. We have a selection of hardware that can minimize the possibility of such crime passing.


As monitored humans it may be a child at school or a student at a university. Elderly but capable person that can use a means of communication to supervise the basics such as fallen down alert or even a heart attack can be detected remotely through our system activating a pre established and agreed upon protocol to identify caregivers or police. Bicycles, motorcycles and almost anything can be tracked in a secure and efficient manner. Assets is anything you own or are in charge of that is not under direct control of the owner or corporation. We can monitor trailers across the ocean or via air as it reaches each individual country and reports back to the main HQ.

Goverment & Law Enforcement

MyIAD GPS Solutions has various alternatives to monitor and interact in real time with officers in the field. From badges that can include RFID features to further enhance security at all levels to various alternatives including watches, bullet proof vest, body cams and other alternatives can be considered. We have solutions that can be monitored by the local police stations and if required from our specialized monitoring center for 24/7 monitoring.
In today's economy any saving that can be accomplished at operation level surely is welcome by many from towns, counties and cities to entire countries adopting measures to ensure correct use of the assigned vehicles. MyIAD provides the alternatives necessary to regulate and systemize the use. Analytics that tracking sensors have send the monitoring station data in real time beyond location and speed. We can detect accidents, vehicles at a location for extended periods of time, excess idle time, etc.
The use of all the available tracking alternatives can be used for the creation of various preventive patrol patterns that help the use of assets both vehicle and human in the provisioning of security. When installation of GPS trackers and a monitoring center are designed concurrently, the capabilities grow exponentially as all assigned personnel and assets act as one coordinated entity.
Using GPS technology can help expedite the services provided by correctional facilities. Watches for the correctional officers, dual camera mirrors for recording of driving and activity in the passenger cabin. This reduces the probability of misuse of equipment or personnel allowing inmates to escape. For inmates there are various alternatives that can be used in case of movement to facilities, court appearance, doctors appointment and early work release programs.
Tracking government workers guarantees many advantages to the managers such as: usage of company vehicle, route visit completion, excessive stay at one locality and driving habits get recorded for the employee file. When known that monitoring is in place, production, security and efficiency are always improved in comparison with non supervision.
With all the immigration problems, both local and abroad can be managed with the use of non removal trackers as an alternative when identifying potential illegal immigrants. Such trackers can serve both the government and the person being processed. All data can serve in ensuring non movement of persons via the implementation of inclusion and exclusion zones.

Law Enforcement & Security Guard Services

Law Enforcement Diagram rev 1
The diagram shows how we can equip the law enforcement personnel to ensure compliance, good use of assigned hardware, location of all officers and coordinates route tracking make this solution one that must be considered. We have various units that can be monitored only local o via assigned network partition.