Design & Implementation

GPS Tracking & Monitoring

Human, Vehicle, Private Asset

We are a tracking company with live 24/7 monitoring of all assets in the system, whether it's your child at school, a vehicle, or an inmate program which will allow the reduction of prison population; we can provide or design the custom solution with our manufacturing and development partners. We specialize in:

  • Private: Children, Elderly at home, Inmates in programs, domestic violence victims
  • Commercial: Employees, Remote Workers
  • Governmental: Asset location, personnel accountability, compliance notification

Law Solutions

House Arrest, Domestic Violence, Juvenile Programs

Our GPS experience has carried over to assist in relieving prison overcrowding, creation of house arrest and remote electronic monitoring programs. We assist in providing hardware, software, training, creation of protocols and procedures. We specialize in:

  • House Arrest: Inmates in programs, domestic violence victims monitoring
  • Juvenile Detention: School programs, work programs,
  • Governmental: Officers, vehicles, visit to hospital or court, compliance notification

IP Solutions

Home, Commercial, Industrial, Governmental

As the Internet advances, so does the capabilities of MyIAD. We understand that in today's modern world, everything is interconnected. Our main focus is to get information to the customer, in real time and monitored 24/7 if required. We not only sell the hardware, we can design, project manage and deliver solutions for private and commercial customers. We specialize in:

  • IP Cameras: MegaPixel, Thermal, NVG, PTZ, Bullet, Dome
  • IP Networks: Ethernet, Wireless LAN, Mesh technology, WAN
  • IP Hardware: Vehicle Data, Access control, Facility Security Design and Compliance

Solar & Green Solutions

Private, Public, Covert Setup

Our designs are done considering that a large percentage of population requires security, surveillance, monitoring or just simple deterrence. Our experience has carried over to assist in creating systems to monitor livestock, farming fields, construction areas, Temporary Setups. We specialize in:

  • Solar Panel: We can design and determine the solar power need and conversion for operations
  • 100% Off Grid: Systems do not need to connect to power grid for operations.
  • Data Transmission: Use of Satellite, GPRS, 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE for 2 way coms