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House Arrest - Domestic Violence - Probation Compliance

GPS Solutions

Civilian, Commercial, Governmental

MyIAD SOS (Satellite Observation System) is a multifunctional GPS management system where we can prepare and assign a unique setup only for the civilians to be tracked. Various alternatives are available to assist law enforcement, correctional facilities, juvenile detention centers and half way houses achieve a level of security and knowledge of the whereabout of each target customer to be monitored. Consult our professionals in the field to prepare the best solution that can meet and exceed the expectations of the government personnel in charge. We specialize in:

  • Home: House Arrest, Electronic monitoring, Curfew Compliance, Work & Education programs
  • Correctional: Movement of inmates, external work monitoring, Hospital Visit, Court appearance
  • Governmental: Officers, vehicles, correctional offices, compliance notification
  • Asset: Vehicles, Transport, Construction equipment

Law Enforcement Solutions

MyIAD SOS is a multifunctional gps asset management system, we can create and implement various alternatives that can ensure governments, law enforcement agencies and correctional facility personnel the tools to supervise and preemptively ensure compliance to the restrictions assigned to the citizen or convict.
An ankle or wrist based gps monitoring device once a court has determined that the civilian can participate in a electronic monitoring program. With this tool, the personnel in charge can monitor the location of the participant in real time with 60 second updates.
When a court allows an aggressor of a domestic violence or with a restriction order to be in the community, MyIAD SOS is programmed with exclusion zones where we assign gps electronic monitoring to both victim and aggressor. Compliance is monitored by authorized personnel or via MyIAD monitoring services.
Lawyers can solicit GPS monitoring while on bail or to reduce an amount this to ensure compliance and court appearance. In most cases of this sort, the person on bail will pay for the daily fees that apply for the monitoring services.
Because of the overcrowding of jail in the US and abroad, a common alternative to low risk or petty crime criminals the use of ankle bracelets as part of the sentencing. This allow the person to rehabilitate while being monitored by their officers in charge and if required from a MyIAD authorized monitoring center.
In many cases where a parent might be a flight risk or non compliant citizen, alternatives can be created to minimize such action of happenning. Ankle and wrist bracelets for the agressor. Smaller hardware or app based monitoring for the victim and kid designed watches and other approved devices can track the child ensuring that the minor is monitored at all times.