MyIAD Tracker (MYT-20)
July 31, 2017
MyIAD Asset Tracker (MYT-50)
August 1, 2017
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MyIAD Asset Tracker (MYT-19)


Feature list:

  1. Real time tracking
  2. AGPS & OTA
  3. 5400MAh battery + 170mAh Battery capacitor. One position/ day, will work for 3 years+
  4. Antenna Abnormal notification
  5. Intelligent working modes: waiting mode, real time tracking mode, alarm mode
  6.  Light sense alarm, anti-fall down alarm etc.
  7. LNA: Low Noise Amplifier
  8. SNR: Signal-Noise Ratio
  9. Ultrasonic welding, device anti-dust, waterproof
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3+ Years Tracker w/out Recharge – Ultrasonic Welding, Anti Dust and Waterproof

MYT-19 is a long-standby GPS Tracker , it can provide 3 years for users to position, track, and other functions. MT19H can be mounted on the objects with the super-cohesive magnetic built-in it. It is particularly suitable for monitoring the asset for many years, such as base station batteries, long-haul commercial vehicles, construction machineries, large equipments, and other high value items.


Items Value
GSM frequency 850MHz/900MHz/1800 MHz/1900 MHz
GPS chip Compatible with u-blox/BDS
GPRS Class 12,TCP/IP build in GSM MODULE                             .
Sensitivity of GPS -163dBm
GPS Accuracy 10m (open sky)
Cell ID Accuracy 50-2000m
Speed Accuracy 0.1m/s
Warm Start-up 2s (open sky)
Cold Start-up ≤35s (open sky)
A-GPS Start-up ≤25s (open sky)
3D G-Sensor ±8g(All Direction)
Backup Battery 5400mAh
Storage Temperature -40~+85゜C
Operating Temperature -20~+70゜C
Humidity 20%~80%RH
Standby Time 3 Years
Magnet Suction 2KG
Operating Current < 50mA
Sleeping Current < 3.5mA
Dimensions 69*47.5*29.5mm
Net Weight 141g